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Car Tinting

suzuki car window tintingCar tinting is important for sun safety, security and generally looking good! Be it the family car or the dream machine, Total Tint Solutions has a car tinting product for you backed with quality service.

The car tinting process is simple and easy. Come visit us to select the tinting depth and product you would like, and we’ll supply you with a quote while booking you in for the automotive make over.

Tint products range is extensive to compliment any vehicle and satisfy all your performance and budget requirements. All Tint products carry a competitive manufacturer’s warranty, as each product is state-of-the-art in solar protection, durability and style.

Other tint product films features,

  • Up to 99% ultraviolet radiation blocked
  • Up to 68% solar energy blocked
  • Reduces glare and eye fatigue, improving driver safety and comfort
  • Increases air conditioner efficiency thereby reducing fuel consumption
  • Increases safety and security by improving the shatter-resistance of your windows
  • Protects interiors from fading and cracking
  • Has a durable scratch resistant coating
  • Is guaranteed against colour change and turning purple
  • Enhances the overall appearance of your vehicle

Marine Pleasure Craft

Do you want to enhance sex appeal of your marine vessel? That is one reason you might consider tinting your boat, yacht or any marine vessel.

Other great reasons are,

  • Reduces heat and glare at the helm.
  • Keeps galley and cabin cooler for optimal comfort.
  • Protects the interior from cracking and fading

Vinyl Designer Wraps

car tinting work fleetDo you want that double look for your car? Show off your business or racing strips with the  latest innovation of Vinyl Designer Car Wraps – customise your vehicle in a wide range of colours, design and texture.

Beyond the WOW! factor, there are many more reasons for Vinyl wrapping your car,

  • Protects and preserves original paintwork and can be removed damage free.
  • Maximize Your Advertising Impact. Vehicle wraps and vehicle graphics will turn your vehicle into a rolling billboard.
  • Add style & personality.

Contact Total Tint Solutions today for a quote.