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Safety and Security Tinting


Our safety and security film range is regularly specified in a large range of applications. The thinner 100 micron film has passed the AS 2208 safety glass and the thicker 200 micron film is used in cyclone prone areas in accordance with AS 1170 part cyclone impact test 2001. These films are tough and strong for protection.

Safety and Security Tinting 

Security TintingWindow security film is thicker than safety film and features a strong laminated clear film that bonds to the glass. With is why it’s adds an extra layer of security to your home or premise windows.

  • Safety film absorbs impact and resists shattering (commonly used for day-care centres).
  • Excellent deterrent for vandalism and break-ins since window security film prevents forced entry. In the rare event the window is able to be broken the glass remains intact preventing ‘smash and grab’ thieves from gaining entrance.
  • Protection against accidental injury from broken glass since the pieces of of glass remain safely attached to the film
  • Protection against explosion. Flying and broken glass has been confirmed as one of the main causes of death or injury in the event of exploding glass.

Anti-Graffiti and Intrusion films

Anti-Graffiti films are a durable and tough film suitable for external glass services such as glass, mirrors and stainless steel. This film is designed to provide protection against graffiti and vandalism.

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