Paint Protection Film

Paint Protection Film has been specifically designed to keep your vehicle’s painted finishes looking great. This film is used by Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz, Ford, HSV, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Moto Guzzi, Nissan, Land Rover, BMW, Subaru, Audi, Porsche and Volkswagen to protect the exterior paintwork on their vehicles. If it didn’t work, if it affected the paint, if it didn’t allow proper fading – would these guys apply it to their vehicles and risk warranty issues? Once installed, it provides a tough, glossy, crystal-clear, almost invisible protective surface that takes all of the beatings that your paint would normally take. Therefore you don’t have to get your car resprayed to get rid of those hundreds of tiny (and not so tiny) stone chips in the paint; because the film takes the brunt of the force from stones, bugs and other road debris. Stones can take the paint back to the metal, allowing rust to set in. Bird poo and bug’s guts can also etch into the painted finish, and can be difficult to remove.

Incredible as it may seem, the most popular film is only .15mm thick (6 mil = 6 thousandths of an inch, in the imperial measurements), yet it manages to protect your painted surface from years of damage and keeps your car looking new.

We install computer cut pieces that have been specifically designed for your car. Therefore they fit perfectly and provide maximum coverage. Some other operators apply whole sheets of the film onto the car and then trim it to fit. They could make cuts in your paintwork thereby damaging it, letting rust form and also cannot guarantee that all of the edges will be consistent or cleanly cut.

Our kits usually have rolled edges on the bonnet to protect the very vulnerable leading edge. Compare our kits with our competitors’ kits before making your decision. We believe that we have the best designed, best coverage kits on the market.

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