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Car Surface Protection – Crystal Serum

Your car’s paintwork, despite some amazing advances in the technology, is still at risk from UV rays, heat, dust and dirt, and chemical damage from harsh cleaners.

gtechnique car paint protectionTo keep your car looking shiny and new no matter the conditions, we use Gtechniq’s products.Explaining car paint protection

Like everything else we only deal with the best. They are paint protection specialists who use advanced nanotechnology to form a ceramic protective layer on your paint. This means instead of just being an extra layer that might come off later down the track, the Crystal Serum chemically bonds with your paint becoming part of it.

With some clever science stuff, they’ve added in a 7nm particle to a 20nm particle which increases the number of crosslinkers. It’s beyond most of us too but it means you get a really really tough paint surface.

They also have a very hard 10nm outer layer and slightly softer 7nm layer underneath. This makes it swirl resistant and stands up to acids like bug guts and bird bombs.

Crystal Serum Ultra is the utopia of paint protection. It has paint protection of 10h and comes with a 9-year guarantee.  It keeps your car looking glossy and new, prolonging the life of your paint works perfect finish.

Click here to learn more about the Crystal Serum Ultra Car Protection Product.

The Total Tint Solutions team is highly experienced in applying Gtechniq car paint protection. Every application comes with a free maintenance kit for you so you can keep it in tip-top shape.

Paint Protection Film (PPF)

Paint Protection Film has been specifically designed to keep your vehicle’s painted finishes looking great. This film is used by Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz, Ford, HSV, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Moto Guzzi, Nissan, Land Rover, BMW, Subaru, Audi, Porsche and Volkswagen to protect the exterior paintwork on their vehicles. If it didn’t work, if it affected the paint, if it didn’t allow proper fading – would these guys apply it to their vehicles and risk warranty issues? Once installed, it provides a tough, glossy, crystal-clear, almost invisible protective surface that takes all of the beatings that your paint would normally take. Therefore you don’t have to get your car resprayed to get rid of those hundreds of tiny (and not so tiny) stone chips in the paint; because the film takes the brunt of the force from stones, bugs and other road debris. Stones can take the paint back to the metal, allowing rust to set in. Bird poo and bug’s guts can also etch into the painted finish and can be difficult to remove.

Incredible as it may seem, the most popular film is only .15mm thick (6 mil = 6 thousandths of an inch, in the imperial measurements), yet it manages to protect your painted surface from years of damage and keeps your car looking new.

We install computer-cut pieces that have been specifically designed for your car. Therefore they fit perfectly and provide maximum coverage. Some other operators apply whole sheets of the film onto the car and then trim it to fit. They could make cuts in your paintwork thereby damaging it, letting rust form and also cannot guarantee that all of the edges will be consistent or cleanly cut.

Our kits usually have rolled edges on the bonnet to protect the very vulnerable leading edge. Compare our kits with our competitors’ kits before making your decision. We believe that we have the best designed, best coverage kits on the market.

Contact Total Tint Solutions today to discuss the best solutions for your car paint protection.

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            4WD window tinting

            “Excellent service and communication. If you are a RAC member you might get a great discount as I did. The tint applied to my 4WD is perfect with no flaws of issues. Ian and his team are friendly down to earth people who will make you feel welcome.

            I have another vehicle that needs window tint and I will have that done with Total Tint Solutions in Mandurah in due course with full confidence.  Not often you come across a business like this that puts you first and does a highly professional job. Thanks Ian and team!”

            white mustang with car tint and paint protection

            “I got my brand new Mustang tinted by Total Tint Solutions. It been a dream car for me and with the dark tint, it really made it pop. I also got them to apply their latest paint protection. My car stays cleaner for longer and the water just beads off it. Highly recommend these guys for great service, advice and value”

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