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Benefits of insulating window film for your home

Living in Western Australia we have sunshine all year around. In fact, Perth has an average of 300 sunny days a year, WooHoo! As you know the sun can affect us negatively too. We slip slop slap ourselves so why not the place where we spend so much time, our home.

3M Thinsulate – Insulation Window Film

Keeping the house cool in Summer and Warm in winter.

Residential window tinting will reduce the heat coming into your house which will save money in the long run on energy bills while keeping the heat out on hot days, making it more comfortable.

Our 3M Thinsulate window tinting film is insulation for your homes windows. With this window tinting product, heat gained is reduced by 50% and heat loss reduce by 40% (depending on selected 3M Thinsulate product grade). That’s a massive reduction in your home heating up in Summer, and heat lost in Winter, giving your air conditioning and heaters a much-earned break.

3M Thinsulate is almost double the insulation reductions as double glazing.

Check out the 3M Thinsulate Brochure. 

Protection from window UV

Keeping your home cool is important but it’s even more important to keep it safe from UV so your loved ones aren’t getting a dose of UV damage being near a window and your furnishings area fading and becoming discoloured.

Our home window tinting can block up to 99% of harmful UV rays and 59% glare reduction. Problems solved there.

Privacy and security window film

Tinting your residential home can also provide extra security against theft for any valuables you may have that are visible from street view.

Security window tinting for your home will make it difficult for people to see inside adding extra privacy for your family or that pesky neighbour.

It can also act as a protection screen for anyone nasty trying to break in by making the window harder and almost impossible to break.

This window film will also add as extra safety in your home. It protects you from any shattered glass should it break. So, having the boy’s round for a game of backyard cricket isn’t a problem, or those old windows that aren’t safety glass.

Types of window tint

home tintingThere are many different types of tints available on the market hosting many different shades.

A metalised film will reduce heat rays from the sun and is a great option for tinting home windows.

Ceramic tint is one of the newest technologies on the market, this type of tint may offer the highest durability and clarity.

Crystalline tint acts as a heat barrier without really darkening your home windows, as it provides a lighter shade while still blocking out 95% of the sun’s rays


There are so many added benefits when it comes to home tinting, especially in sunny Perth. Total Tints are offering a free 3M home essentials package with any of the following 3M products purchased above.

For expert advice, it is best to speak to one of our home tinting professionals who can assist you with the many types of home tinting solutions on the market and supply a no obligation quote.

Check out our types of home tinting options online



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