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Black Armor Window Tint

Black Armor Window Tint INstalledTotal Tint Solutions is now installing Australians own Black Armor window tint – Black Armor Pro.

Black Armor window tint is coated with a durable, scratch resistant coating so you can enjoy years of beautiful performance without constantly replacing your window film.

Select your desired window tint shade from light to the darkest legal tint.

All black Armor Films have been ARPANSA (Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency) certified.

You can trust that you get the highest certified films.

Black Armor Window Tint Specs

  • VLT = Percentage of visible daylight that passes directly through window.
  • Heat = Blockage via reflection and absorbency.
  • Glare = Total glare reduction.
  • UV = Percentage of ultraviolet protection.
  • TSER = Percentage of the total solar energy that is rejective. TSER includes visible light, infrared radiation and ultraviolet energy.
  • Thickness = Total thickness of window film.
  • Published values are representative of typical production runs and are subject to normal manufacturing tolerances within industry.

Click here for Black Armor window tint lifetime warranty information. 

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            What Our Clients Say

            “I got my brand new Mustang tinted by Total Tint Solutions. It been a dream car for me and with the dark tint, it really made it pop. I also got them to apply their latest paint protection. My car stays cleaner for longer and the water just beads off it. Highly recommend these guys for great service, advice and value”

            "Very professional and great quality products. The tinting on our front home windows have not only made a huge difference in keeping the sun and heat out but also for privacy. Would highly recommend your company!"

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