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Security Window Film

Securing your home, office or business properly can be pretty expensive. Your doors need to be solid with strong locks, you’ll also need an alarm system and cameras if you really mean business.

Security Window FilmEven with all this effort, any glass windows or doors you have are serious weak spots. Despite tempered glass being far stronger it still only takes a couple of bashes with a hammer and crims can just waltz right in.

You can replace your current windows or doors with serious high-tech bulletproof security glass but it costs an arm and a leg. The best option is our 3M security window film which can be placed on whatever glass you have in now and gives some of the best protection for the price.

The film is incredibly tough and works by holding the broken glass shards firmly together. When the glass is hit, it still shatters but stays in position held by the security film. Intruders want a quick and easy way in and anything that slows them down makes it far more likely they’ll cut and run. They don’t want to risk getting caught.

3M Security film can also be used to make your windows and doors safer from accidental damage. It reduces the risk of injury from flying glass from a ball through the window or extreme weather conditions.

Security film on your shop front means casual drunken vandalism doesn’t leave your shop open to the elements and needing emergency glass replacement at 2 am. Been there, done that.

3M Security Film has 3 distinct ranges for the residential homeowner:

  1. 3M Clear Safety and Security Series
  2. 3M Ultra Clear Security Film
  3. 3M Ultra Tinted Security Film

As you can see the film does more than just secure your windows. So you don’t need to choose tinting or UV protection over security because you can get both.

Contact us today to find the right security window film solution for your home.


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3M™ Scotchshield™ Ultra Series Window Security Film

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Safety & Security 3M™ Scotchshield™ Ultra Night Vision™

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