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Truck Window Tinting: Keeping Truckies Cool, Comfortable and Safe

Truck drivers spend more time on the road than anyone else, so when the sun shines at its most fierce, they deserve the very best solar protection. That’s where we come in. As a licenced 3M Window Film installer, Total Tint Solutions can provide the ultimate sun protection for our truckies.

Truck Window Tinting

Our truck window tinting service delivers so many benefits we feel it is almost essential. For a start, 3M ceramic window film has the highest rating solar protection of 99.9%, virtually a complete barrier between the driver and harmful UV and infrared rays. This level of protection keeps the driver’s skin safe from prolonged sun exposure and promotes health and safety over the long term. It also reduces heat in the cab by up to 60% while minimising the use of the truck’s air conditioning system. At the same time, blinding and hazardous glare is decreased significantly, giving the driver better vision, particularly when the sun is low in the sky.

All this adds up to a safer, cooler, and more comfortable ride, highlighting the value of truck window tinting. And when you consider that Western Australia and Queensland enjoy more than 300 sunny days every year, it’s even more critical that trucks are tinted, and drivers are protected. Total Tint Solutions achieve this through the perfect installation of the world’s best tinting products from 3M.

Not everyone is a 3M window film installer. Not everyone is good enough. 3M manufacture the world’s premium window film products and expect the same high standards from their installation partners. To become a licenced 3M Window Film installer, you must display the utmost professionalism and skill, and Total Tint Solution is proud to reach those exacting standards. It allows us to install world-class tinting products and provide supreme solar protection for Australia’s truck drivers.   

3M ceramic window film is so good that it comes with a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty. The product is manufactured to withstand the Australian sun at its harshest and guard against issues often associated with inferior tinting products: cracking, grazing, and peeling; adhesion problems like blistering, bubbling or delamination; as well as discolouration. 3M ceramic window film is rarely affected by these issues; if it ever is, we’ll fix it.  

3M Select Licenses Installer

Whether you’re the owner/operator of one truck or run a large company fleet, your highest priority is making each journey safe and comfortable. Tinting your truck windows is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to improve the driving experience on every trip while virtually eliminating solar exposure over the long term. All you have to do is bring your truck to one of our workshops, or we can come to your site. We can also do 3M paint protection to protect against things like sand, stones, rocks, bugs and the elements. Plus, if you have a new piece of heavy machinery at the dealership or factory, we can possibly tint the windows before you take it to your site and start using it. Just ask and we’ll see what we can do to help. 

We genuinely believe that tinting your truck windows is a no-brainer, and choosing Total Tint Solutions as your installer is just as smart. Our expert service and superior 3M film products will give you window tinting that goes the distance, offering solar protection hour by hour, kilometre after kilometre. Like you, we’re in it for the long haul.   

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Truck Window Tinting On Site
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            What Our Clients Say

            4WD window tinting

            “Excellent service and communication. If you are a RAC member you might get a great discount as I did. The tint applied to my 4WD is perfect with no flaws of issues. Ian and his team are friendly down to earth people who will make you feel welcome.

            I have another vehicle that needs window tint and I will have that done with Total Tint Solutions in Mandurah in due course with full confidence.  Not often you come across a business like this that puts you first and does a highly professional job. Thanks Ian and team!”

            white mustang with car tint and paint protection

            “I got my brand new Mustang tinted by Total Tint Solutions. It been a dream car for me and with the dark tint, it really made it pop. I also got them to apply their latest paint protection. My car stays cleaner for longer and the water just beads off it. Highly recommend these guys for great service, advice and value”

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