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Meet the Team

Bringing Together Perths Best Tinting Team

total tint solutions team of tintersBack in the day, in 2014, Kylie Dillon and Brett Thompson came together and formed Total Tint Solutions. In 2018 four more businesses joined the team forming the T Team, professionally known as the Total Tint Solutions Group.

Together this team of tinting vigilante’s has over 100 years of experience.

This means you can be sure these guys know what they are doing. Though Dave supports Geelong. But his tints are so good we let that slide.

Don’t take our word for it though.

We are a 3M selected licensed dealer, (We’ve got badges to prove it) and only the best tinters get that.

We are trusted by car owners and dealers alike with premium luxury car tinting. If Batman moved to Perth, we’d be the guys tinting the Batmobile.

With all this expertise and knowledge our guys will take you through the end to end process. Tinting is not ‘one size fits all’ process so they use their experience and skills to make sure you get the right product to suit your needs and budget.

And we don’t just do cars. Residential and commercial buildings need tinting too. Keeping the sun out of homes and offices keeps you cool and collected.

Our focus is on you and getting you the best results, and as we have businesses across WA, there’s always a store close to you.

If the sun’s poking in where it’s not wanted, give us a call.

Colin “Nano-Man” Gibbs

Total Tint Colin MyareeColin has been tinting cars since 1985, longer than Kylie’s singing career, and before Crocodile Dundee hit the screens. He’s a true tinting veteran with in-the-trenches practical knowledge.

After 33 years he still likes to pick up the tools and get his hands dirty with the rest of the boys.

He joined the T-Team, because he recognised their strong ethics and high standards..

He likes spending time on the water and watching the Eagles win. He watches them lose too although doesn’t enjoy it as much. True fan.

Favourite Tint Types : 3M Crystalline Nano 35% and 20% and Nano Ceramic 35% and 20%.
Favourite weapon: The deadly Side Swiper which he uses for ruthlessly flattening film.
Specialist skills: Car tinting with Ppf film to door cups and edges
Dream car: 1955-1958 Chevrolet Bel Air
Store: Myaree

Brett “T-Man” Thompson

Brett Osbourne Park Total TintBrett started tinting in 1988 and still loves what he does. (So do we Brett!) He finds it incredibly rewarding applying his hard-earned skills on cars, boats, and people’s home.

With Kylie Dillon, he founded the Total Tint Solutions in 2014. Then in 2018 they brought together a great team of experienced tinters (aka T Team) who knew how to run a business right and picked the right brands and products for the best quality and price.

He strives for his best and that’s driven the business forward to where it is now.

Outside work hours he loves his footy, watching his kids play sports, and responsibly sticking to the speed limit on his CBR1000R road bike.

He still dreams of the time he tinted a Maybach so if you ever see his eyes glaze over just snap him out of it.

Favourite Weapon: His trusty heat gun, always at his side. He doesn’t go looking for trouble, but he’s always ready.
Specialist Skills: “Wax On, Wax Off” vehicle paint protection. This is real Mr. Miyagi stuff and Brett is the master.
Dream Car: Lamborghini Aventador, though that Maybach…
Store: Osborne Park and Wangara.

David “Stanley Stud” Caldwell

David Mandurah Total TintDavid Caldwell began relatively recently compared to the veterans in 2005. He’s not sure if he likes it yet but it’s been 13 years so we think he must be fairly positive about it. At least 6/10.

He’s built a great team that have fun in what they do and cover a wide range of film products.

From tinting vehicles to vehicle wrapping and specialist paint and vehicle protection films.

He joined Total Tint Solutions to be part of a group of professionals with the drive to be the best with quality products at affordable prices.

One of his customers is so impressed with his work that she often shouts out her Facebook reviews in caps. High praise indeed.

The most expensive vehicle he’s ever tinted is a campervan. Not just any campervan though, the Winnebago, which costs more than most high-end cars.

In his spare time he loves to surf, play drums, watch Geelong in the AFL, and spend time with his family. Some of these things he can do at the same time.

Favourite Weapon: Stanley knife. It’s simple and gets the job done every time.
Specialist Skills: Slicing and dicing with the Stanley Knife. His crafty cuts make the perfect fitting sheets every time.
Dream Car: Lamborghini Aventador.
Store: Mandurah.

MICKelangelo” Sciorio

Mike Rockingham Total TintMick’s been tinting since 1994, the same year Pulp Fiction came out. Since then he’s built his team, bringing the best people in for the job.

He admits that he’s a bit OCD, but frankly this ocd makes him a true tinting artist and in this line of work it helps.

The best car he’s ever tinted was a Porsche GT3 RS, which is coincidentally his dream car.

He describes himself as grumpy but fair. Everyone we talked to agreed suspiciously quickly.

Not surprisingly motorsport is one of his hobbies/obsessions. He spends a fair bit of time at the races at Barbagallos, where he races a WXR Subaru 99.

The other guys get glowing testimonials and of course Mick does too. But he also gets flowers. We shouldn’t be so surprised because he is very good and deserves them.

Specialist skills: Measuring by eye and award winning floral arrangements. We’re joking, of course, he uses his tape measure.
Favourite weapon: Trusty tape measure which he wields with millimetre precision.
Dream car: Porsche GT3 RS.
Store: Rockingham and Cannington.

Dave ‘Speedy Spud’ Birtwistle

WangaraOur newest ‘grease monkey’ Dave Birtwistle has had a passion for cars and racing since he was in the womb.
Don’t be fooled by his mullet, he is a real gun in business and likes to stay ahead of the game, because ‘If you ain’t first, you’re last’.

Known as ’spud’ due to his love of chips, he will win you over with this great customer skills, refreshingly straight forward and honest approach.

He lives and breathes cars, boats and motorbikes and has been running his own show for many years. He goes beyond to help out his customers and is a genuine chatter box.

If he’s not taking his son to race motorbikes, then he’s spending quality time with his family.
Not afraid of being in the fast lane, he will master a quote, tint, wrap, and smile all the way to the finish line.

Specialist skills: The gift of the gab.
Favourite weapon: The phone, cause he loves to chat.
Dream car: Dodge Ram
Store: Wangara

Leith ‘Bandit’ Bell

Leith is wise to the ways in the game of tinting and has joined the Total Tint group as of early 2020. Yeah perfect timing, during the Covid pandemic.

He can handle the heat with his specialist vinyl wrap shrinking skills. By day he uses his corner card to smooth life’s bubbles… while by night he dreams of racing his dream Lamborghini.

Enjoying a bit of fishing and the love of the outdoors, it is no wonder that he calls Albany home. An established business owner of 20 years, trading as Albany Window Tinting, the boys are delighted to welcome him to the Total Tint Solutions team as one of their own.

Well experienced and equip for the job, you are in good hands with our newest bandit, who doesn’t miss a beat.

Specialist skills: Casting his corner card to smooth line window tint
Favourite weapon: Kick arse Corner Card and Casting Rod
Dream car: Lamborghini
Store: Albany WA

Kylie Dillon

Having identified a niche in the window tinting market, Kylie joined forces with Brett in 2014 with the idea of doing something bigger and better in the tinting industry in WA. She set about creating a modern, responsive business based on customer focus and core values.

New technology is a key part of her strategy as she constantly seeks to improve the offerings to the customer.

She is a powerhouse behind the scenes putting in massive amounts of energy to her work and solid team support.

While she doesn’t do tinting herself, she understands the processes that go into it.

Like many of the team at Total Tint Solutions, family is hugely important for Kylie and she has fantastic support from her 2 gorgeous children and husband.

Favourite weapon: Multi-variate macro-rich spreadsheet. We have no idea either, just run with it.
Specialist skills: Lightning fast columnar adding and knowing how to use a multi-variate macro-rich spreadsheet like a ninja.
Dream Car: Mercedes C200

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            What Our Clients Say

            “I got my brand new Mustang tinted by Total Tint Solutions. It been a dream car for me and with the dark tint, it really made it pop. I also got them to apply their latest paint protection. My car stays cleaner for longer and the water just beads off it. Highly recommend these guys for great service, advice and value”

            "Very professional and great quality products. The tinting on our front home windows have not only made a huge difference in keeping the sun and heat out but also for privacy. Would highly recommend your company!"

            Working With The Best Products

            Only the best at Total Tint Solutions