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House Window Tinting


The sun can get pretty fierce in Australia, but house window tinting can make a big difference.

The sun emits three different kinds of radiation and each kind can cause problems in your house. Firstly, visible light which we can see with our eyes (Well done, Captain Obvious) and can cause glare. Then, infrared which we can feel as heat, and ultraviolet, UVA and UVB. UV rays are what cause sunburn and speed up the aging of your skin, making you wrinkly before your time.

This is where quality house window tint is a solution.

If you want house window tinting done right, leave it to the pros at Total Tint Solutions.


house window tinting
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            We don’t do low quality films

            3M offer you a lifetime warranty and is the best in the market.

            Variety of Tint Shades

            From reflective to darkest possible or slight shade we have a look to suit your house.

            Free quick quotes

            Our friendly house tinting specialist will come to your home for a free measure and quote.

            Find the 3M house tint product right for you

            3M House Tinting & Film Options...

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            Over 50 years of Quality House Tinting Experience

            House window tinting is a great solution for sun control, temperature control, privacy and protection.

            Window tinting your house doesn’t have to cost a lot. Total Tint Solutions has a variety of home window film options to suit your needs and budgets. Our friendly and experienced window tinters will come visit you at your home to offer advice and support.

            Call us for our best price, or check out our home window tinting products for more information.


            Working With The Best Products

            Only the best at Total Tint Solutions