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Thinkware Dash CamerasTotal Tint Solutions has partnered Thinkware Dash Cameras to offer you Australia’s best cameras and great prices. We offer their top 5 dash cameras for sale and installation.

Dash cameras provide an extra eye on the road. They can start recording when you turn on the car so you won’t miss a thing. They are a reliable witness for accidents which are recorded for evidence if you need it, and no more reaching for your phone to catch a bad driver. They also record the good stuff. You can put your road trip on FaceBook and won’t miss the amazing sights you get driving around WA.

Depending on the model ThinkWare Dash cams can have built-in GPS, impact detection, route tracking, and security settings that act as a security camera when you are parked. Low-light night driving is made more visible with Image signal processing technology and high-definition 1080.

They all come with a 2-year warranty and are professionally installed at your place or you can come to see us at any of the Total Tint Solutions stores.

Which car cam is right for you?

Thinkware F200 Dash Camera

TW F200 Dash Cam

The Thinkware F200 Dash Camera is a high-performance, feature-packed device designed to enhance your driving experience and provide essential protection on the road. With its GPS tracker, it records driving speed and precise location, while an energy-saving mode ensures extended video recording. The F200 offers multiple recording modes, including continuous, event, and manual recording, making it versatile for various scenarios. Its key features include full HD 1080P video quality, a wide 140° angle lens, safety camera alerts, G-sensor incident detection, built-in Wi-Fi for easy access, and integrated thermal protection for reliable performance in all conditions. With user-friendly mobile and PC applications, the Thinkware F200 Dash Camera is your trusted companion for capturing crucial moments and ensuring road safety.

TW U1000 Dash Cam

The U1000 Dash Cam Thinkware Connect has an advanced driver alert system capturing every detail. With a 4K UHD Front Facing Camera and 2K QHD Rear-Facing Camera, it’s Thinkware’s newest flagship Dash camera. Video-enhanced technology including night vision, has a 150-degree wide-angle view so will never miss a thing.

Some of the benefits include:

  • Energy-efficient and time-lapse
  • Cloud-based system
  • Build-in GPS for embedded speed, time and location data
  • Safety camera alerts, including speed and red light cameras
  • Built-in Wi-Fi connectivity with management through your phone
  • 2 years warranty on camera and hardware
  • Supports up to 128GB micro SD card
thinkware u1000 dash camera
TW-F100 Car Dash Camera

The Thinkware F100 Dash Cam is the smallest two-channel dash cam / DVR on the market, the Thinkware dash camera TW-F100 dash cam is designed to answer all your needs in the simplest way: a premium quality camera, with optional (sold separately) rearview/ interior camera for additional coverage.

TW-F770 Car Dash Camera

The Thinkware F770 dash cam sets the new standard for advanced, premium Wi-Fi enabled dash cams. Featuring a new, sleek, and discreet design, while jammed-packed with features such as Super Night Vision and Time Lapse Recording, the F770 dash cam offers a next-level ultimate security and surveillance solution for the everyday driver.

TW F800PRO Car Dash CAmera

The Thinkware F800pro car camera has the premium Sony STARVIS CMOS Sensor that provides flawless recording quality with Super Night Vision, coupled with the new Energy-Saving Parking Surveillance Mode that extends coverage duration exponentially, the F800 Pro car dash cam is leading the charge in pushing automotive technology to the next level.

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