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RAC Tint Offer

Receive our best 3M window tinting price
guaranteed for RAC members.

RAC tint offers valid 12/07/2022 to the 30/09/2022, for RAC Members. Discount applies to the full retail price of 3M window films. A valid RAC Member Card or Number via the website needs to be presented to redeem the offer.


RAC 3M Car Tinting

3M Obsidian Car Window Tint
RRP – $395
General Discount – $295
RAC – $250

3M FXHP Car Window Tint
RRP – $495
General Discount – $350
RAC – $295

3M Ceramic IR Window tint
RRP – $595
General Discount – $445
RAC – $395

RAC 3M Home Tinting

Depending on if you are tinting a single window or a whole house, the RAC tint offer for home window tinting can vary greatly. We commonly offer up to 20% off for RAC members needing home window tinting.

There are 3 main home 3M window tinting options,

3M Prestige Series – Top of the market InfraRed rejection of 97%.

3M Night Vision Series – Save energy by the day, enhance views by night,

The 3M Night Vision, 3M Prestige and 3M Clear series can all be applied with the Scotchshield Safety & Security film which adds a window security film to protect your home from window break-ins.

3M window tint is known as the best in the market and only allow certified 3M dealer to install their film.

QUALITY MATTERS, 3M selects specific window film companies like Total Tint Solutions, creating a trusted relationship with window tinting quality and business service. It ensures customers who select 3M window film get the best window tinting on the market, which is installed by the best-trained teams in Australia, and worldwide.

3M Select Film Provider Silver RAC tint offer

Why is 3M the Best Window Film?

Depending on the window tinting solutions you desire, car window tinting, home window tinting, office window tinting or even boats, 3M window films offer a variety of benefits. The investment is truly worth it. Here are just a few of the benefits:

  • Outstanding UVA protection
  • Fade and glare reduction
  • Better indoor climate control
  • Unobstructed outdoor views
  • Window privacy and security features
  • Various shade selections
  • Lifetime warranty that can be claimed at any 3M select partner location
  • Patented window film

The outstanding benefit of a lifetime comprehensive manufacturer’s warranty, can’t be overstated. We’ve found that questions about 3M’s warranty are at the top of the list for many customers. Don’t fear: 3M’s warranty is comprehensive, backed by a company you can trust. The warranty covers adhesion (how the film sticks to your window) and its appearance, including reflectivity. You can learn more about the 3M film warranty here.

Reasons to use window tint in your home…

Excessive Heat

Eliminate hot spots, and reduce the heat in your home to improve temperature control.

Excessive Cold

Keep the heat in through winter to enjoy year-round comfort throughout your home.


Help protect your furnishings by reducing the effects of fading over time.

High Energy Costs

Help save on energy costs for cooling and heating.

Safety & Security

Get peace of mind with films that help deter break-ins and protect your family from dangerous glass.

Privacy & Decorative

Create custom looks and increase privacy with high-end finishes.

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3M Colour Stable

This ranges name "3m Colour Stable" is a bit of a clue to what it does, or doesn’t do. The colour is stable and doesn’t fade or change over time, unlike some of the older style metallic tints still available. Comprehensive tests show that it keeps its colour despite long term exposure to harsh sunlight. It’s made from 3Ms proprietary patented nano-carbon polyester. Instead of sourcing polyester film from other manufacturers, they have invented their own. The nano-carbon is spread through...
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3M™ Car Window Film Ceramic IR Series

The best of the best for car window film ceramic. 3M™ Ceramic IR car window tint offers infrared heat rejection and 99.9% UV rejection for optimal comfort in your car. This window tint has nano-ceramic technology that provides a high level of infrared heat rejection due to absorptive technology. It rejects up to 66% of total solar energy and up to 95% of infrared heat rejection for optimal thermal comfort and reducing the feel of the sun on your skin. It's designed for low visible light...
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3M™ Scotchshield™ Ultra Series Window Security Film

3M™ took 7 years of research and development to create their multi-micro layered security film: 3M Ultra Series Window Security Film. They cross-laminated multiple layers of micro-thin film to make it exceptionally strong and tear-resistant. One of the team will be happy to demonstrate the 3M tear test so you can see for yourself exactly how strong it is. It is 7 times thicker than standard film but is still virtually invisible and provides a strong barrier against intruders or vandals. To see...
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            “I got my brand new Mustang tinted by Total Tint Solutions. It been a dream car for me and with the dark tint, it really made it pop. I also got them to apply their latest paint protection. My car stays cleaner for longer and the water just beads off it. Highly recommend these guys for great service, advice and value”

            "Very professional and great quality products. The tinting on our front home windows have not only made a huge difference in keeping the sun and heat out but also for privacy. Would highly recommend your company!"

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