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Why Ceramic Tint is the Best film for your Home or Car

Keep your cool just in time for Summer with our Ceramic window tinting film. The best window tints offer exceptional protection against ultraviolet, infrared rays and heat. Ceramic tint does this along with supplying a variety for choice in shades. As it is the highest quality film offering a selection of tones for you to choose from, including the darkest legal tint.

The film is also special as it contains a blend of ceramic particles. Nano-ceramic technology results in a quality product. While they are invisible to the eye, they actually work by 99% blocking the suns harsh UV rays and 96% of the infrared rays.

The genetic makeup of the film is both non-metallic and non-conductive, which basically means its insulating. Regular films are made from thin laminate or polyester sheets that are dyed to specific light to dark shades. While these films block the sun, they still let in UV rays and heat.

The Benefits of Ceramic tint

Another downfall of regular films is that they are easier to scratch when they come into contact with hard or sharp objects. The ceramic tint gives the glass structural stability making it less susceptible to things like scratches, which is beneficial in commercial or residential homes and car windows.

As ceramic tint has a higher heat reduction, adding less stress on the glass making it more durable and cooler. So, there will be less of a need to crank the air conditions! Saving you money while adding comfort.

You can even have your front car window covered to ensure you and your car is protected from the UV and IR rays.

Some of the other benefits of ceramic window tint include, reduced glare, UV rejection, added privacy, comfort and lifetime warranty. It provides amazing solar protection and if you don’t believe us then check out this video on ceramic tinting.

It is one of the darkest legal tints available on the market, while ensuring safety standards are met.  

And stay assured you’ll keep a clear signal on all your electronic devices such as mobiles and GSP, as the film is signal friendly.

This film provides exceptional style to any home or car with all several shades offering perfect solar protection from the harsh Australian climate.

Therefore, if you are looking to upgrade your car or home with a chic new look, then you cannot go past our ceramic tint.

We have a special on currently for our ceramic car window tint. For $295, you can tint any car with Ceramic tint while stock lasts.

Find your nearest Total Tint Solutions workshop online. Have a chat with us about this product today 1300 TOTAL TINT.

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            What Our Clients Say

            “I got my brand new Mustang tinted by Total Tint Solutions. It been a dream car for me and with the dark tint, it really made it pop. I also got them to apply their latest paint protection. My car stays cleaner for longer and the water just beads off it. Highly recommend these guys for great service, advice and value”

            "Very professional and great quality products. The tinting on our front home windows have not only made a huge difference in keeping the sun and heat out but also for privacy. Would highly recommend your company!"

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