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3 window tint types to consider when tinting your car.

car window tint typesNot all cars are the same and not all window tints are the same.

Quality, longevity, and protection matters as much as looks when it comes to car tint.

In this article, we discuss 3 car window tint types to help you select what’s best for you and your car.

All window tint film is equipped with scratch-resistant top layers, come in a range of shades, protects you from glass shattering, plus reduce glare. The level and quality of these features depend on the quality of the window tint you purchase.

Generic Window Tint (Non-Ceramic window films)

Your basic window tint seems cheap, but it’s cheap for a reason.

These window tints are normally advertised at a low cost and come in the “darkest legal tint”. But all window tints come in a variety of shades including the darkest legal tint, so if it’s privacy and looks you’re after, don’t stop reading here.

The low-cost window films are tinted by a thin layer of dye so they don’t protect you very well against UV and Ultra Violet rays. The thickness of the dye is the only protection between you and the sun. There is no UV or Infrared technology protecting you from the sun or keeping your car cool.

If you want to look after yourself and your car, this isn’t a good option, especially when there is only a small saving between non-ceramic and ceramic film.

Ceramic Tint

For a little extra, Ceramic tint is where you should start when looking for a window tint as it protects you and looks great.

In sunny cities like Perth, UV protection, temperature control, and optimal sun glare reduction are necessary for every driver to stay safe and comfortable.

As mentioned above, Dyed window films rely on the darkness of the shade to determine heat resistance, with darker shades blocking out more heat, but not enough protection for our extreme weather. Ceramic films are excellent at heat protection for all window tint shades.

The main difference between ceramic and non-ceramic films is the level of temperature control through the amount of infrared light blocked by the window tint. Ceramic films have an additional ultra-thin ceramic nanoparticle layer. This nanoparticle layer blocks 99% of skin cancer-causing UV rays, having an SPF rating of 285 and above. And its advanced ceramic technology rejects 98%+ of infrared rays protecting you and your family.

Ceramic Window Tint is a modern solution that offers both improved performance, and no detrimental effect on modern electronics. Other technology-focused window films such as the metalised films have a tendency to affect modern car electronics, including cell phones, GPS, and radio signals. Total Tint Solutions don’t sell or recommend this product as technology in our cars is all too common these days.

As you can tell, we’re a big fan of ceramic window tint as protecting yourself from the sun, and keeping cool in your car is important to us.

The only real choice for car window tinting is if you go for a generic ceramic tint brand or step it up to the high quality 3M ceramic tint.

3M Ceramic Car Window tint

3M is known for its high-quality products backed by decades of science.

The 3M ceramic window tint product has all the benefits from the generic ceramic films but better.

3M Select Film Provider

The film offers 99% UV protection and up to a whopping SPF 1000! That’s a lot of sunscreens.

It rejects up to 66% of total solar energy and up to 95% of infrared heat rejection for optimal thermal comfort and reducing the feel of the sun on your skin while protecting your car’s interior.

It’s designed for low visible light reflectivity value and no mirror-like appearance for a clear view out and comes in neutral colours, free from unwanted colour casts. Some generic brands can have a green, brown or blue tinge to the film.

While reducing up to 93% of the glare from blinding sunlight, it allows you to see better and concentrate more on driving safe.

The 3M ceramic car window film is backed by a lifetime warranty. And unlike generic brands that come and go, 3M has been around for 118 years, so you know their lifetime warranty will last a lifetime.

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